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LaDel's Sport Horses

Nero's Geramiah

Batmans Joker
Neros Knight Mystic /Nero's Geramiah
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    If you are looking for a wonderful
Sport horse and riding partner , like to train and raise up your own foal.Come and visit and see the herd and pick out your partner.
   Come see my young stock OR
 see the stallion's for yourself.
     I have 6 babies on the ground .They are Friesian crosses, a Drum

Lacy bred to Geramiah
Dressage/Eventing Friesian Sport Horse

2009 colt 37.5% Friesian Sporthorse $6500
baroque style, flashy mover, Raven black will gray star


Kochan is a well started Friesian cross Gelding He has a solid walk ,trot,canter. He is of Bargue style ,he is easy to ride and work with.Kochan is so sweet and soft.He is moving off your leg. Ready to go to the shows. He is 37.5% Friesian/Desert Norman  should mature around 15.3-16hh 3yr grey.$6500l
Ralea has bought
 Nero's Knight Mystic
So I will not be standing
 him any more.
I will only breed 2 out side mares in 2010

Nero's Geramiah 75% Friesian
He has been so nice smart willing gentle

Some of the mares 
I crossed Nero's Geramiah with Gracie a black Tb/Friesian mare, Gypsy a Desert Norman mare, Lacy a Friesian Sport horse/Morgan mare,Sillhouette a percheron/AQHA/Friesian..... come see the big black Friesian cross foals All reg FSHR and Heritage Horse also some 37.5%/50% /62.5% 75% 87.5% Friesian Sport Horse Registered and Friesian Heritage Horse .
Payment plans avaliable.... discounts on buying more than one of my young stock even if it is years down the line...I want all party's happy

ASB/CheSter filly Buttermilk buckskin

The Herd

 will bred 2 out side mares in 2013  

My New Friesian Sport Horse Stallion
Nero's Geramiah

Come check it out .

These mares are so Yummy and friendly .You..... maybe can pick out your foals from playing with a nice mare
of your choice.....
looking forward to your visit
Helena a75 % Friesian Black filly
A Hessel daughter goingto be big

Nero's Knight Mystic
Black Pearls

To be able to Raise a good Cross and Sport Horse