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LaDel's Sport Horses

Batmans Joker

Batmans Joker
Neros Knight Mystic /Nero's Geramiah
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    Batman has been the most wonderful stallion to work with ...he is Gentle in disposition and an athlete....Cross your mares with Batman and you will add grace and length to your foals......along with some chrome...... he is known for 4 white socks and a blaze

Batman crosses well with Drafts and the smaller breeds Arabians, American Saddlebreds, AQHA mares if you are looking to add some Sport with Color
$200.00 Breeding fee
Live Cover

These are some of my brood mares ...Come and visit..... see if you see a cross you might love
Looking for a well bred Arabian mare that is black and tall with good bloodlines....
More of these wonderful mares

I have NO Batman crosses for sale at this time.

Bred Batman to your draft ,get a great sport horse
Clydesdale or a Shire area great cross

Batmans Joker
at a Masters Pace

   Great mare with great disposition and size
Come visit again.....

To be able to Raise a good Cross and Sport Horse