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LaDel's Sport Horses

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Batmans Joker
Neros Knight Mystic /Nero's Geramiah
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About Us
LaDel Sward and Darrell Thompson
We were married in LasVegas 2005
 I feel I have been blessed with great friends and family for this ....... I am Thankful.......

 Darrell and I were married April 2005 and it will be a wonderful friendship and love that will only grow stronger ...It has been great ! Little did he Know...How much of a Horseoholic that I was........

...He supports it far..LOL....


Nero's Geramiah

 Because I know how horses multiply ..I must keep it on a good level....I did sell a few of the mares that I picked up in the last year ...
       Nero's Geramiah has grown and  replaced CheSter (Nero's Knight Mystic) as the new Stallion in our lives....
 I do not want to stand Geramiah to a lot of out side mares at this time . I do not want to over breed a young stud. I am only doing a few outside breedings .

Nero's Geramiah

My Helpers

My two girls

Jed and Darrell


 Please let me know if you have any Questions or need to know any info I left out.....

I will probably always have Batman till he is layed to rest ...but for now he goes on strong

Our Company

Ellie Xena Sonny Possie
Darrell farms and Builds houses in his spare time.....
Darrell at work
           Darrell's  Office

Annie bred to a Gypsy Vanner Grovvy
Due in April of 2008

I hope to be breeding Gypsy Vanner soon
I now have a few Shire and Clydesdale mares

To be able to Raise a good Cross and Sport Horse