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Batmans Joker
Neros Knight Mystic /Nero's Geramiah
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Fabio is a 2008 Saddlebred /Friesian cross colt
37.5% Friesian a Geramiah son , FABIO

We have nine foals on the ground Come visit them

2009 foals are on the ground .Come visit
Geramiah was at driving school so sharp

I have one coming 4 year old filly, Brandy a Big Baroque style Clydesdale/Friesian Bay ,very reasonable priced $4500 going to be a tall girl ...but has some sport under her  .Brandy is a 50%Friesian 50% Clydesdale mare

2013 sales List ....can make an offer ...will consider trades and payments can be worked out

 email for more Photos

Brandy a Clydesdale/37.5%Friesian cross Bay 2009 filly with a star ...nice ,going to be BIG has been started under saddle $4500 

Designer 2010 black Friesian/saddlebred/Andilusian/tb cross filly$2500

Angora is a 50% Friesian/Morgan/Arabian grey filly $3500Prince Charming is a Haflinger/Friesian/Pinto sport pony .He is a tri colored sporty baroque style 2012 colt $2500

Romeo is a 50 % Friesian Sport Horse/Morgan/Arabin black grey colt.Fancy trot beautiful face and disposition $3500

Jewel is a DRUM HORSE bay with four white socks and a blaze .Jewel is a 2012 reg Drum horse will reach at least 16hh if not bigger. She will have thick mane and tail with lots of heavy feathering.She is so Sweet. $6500

Helena 75% Friesian /Desert Norman/Friesian Black Bred to Zorro 100% Friesian will look all Friesian big bold black $6500 sale pending

Bella's Foal- American Shire  with 3 socks and blaze) bred to  Lake Ridge Sterling Gypsy Vanner stud due 2013( Will be a big Drum Horse ) $6500

Shadows foal-American Clydesdale black mare bred to Aristocratic Mordecai -Gypsy Vanner due 2013 June Drum colt $6500

Gracies's X Geramaihs 2013 foal Black  62.5% Friesian foal for sale $4500

Gypsy's X Geramiah 2013 Black foal  Desert /Norman/37.5% Friesian  $3500

Xena's 2013 foal black. 75% Friesian Nero x Hessel cross $6500

Hendrina's 2013 X Hessel foal this foal will be 87.5% Friesian and look Pure Friesian $6500 

Aristocratic Mordecai a Pure bred Reg Gypsy Vanner Black and white 8 yr old breeding stallion sired many wonderful spotted foals.I am selling him trained to ride and drive and castrated unless wanted different.$7000

Mandy is a beautiful well bred Morgan mare is bred to Nero's Geramiah due in 2013 .This foal is going to be a wonderful cross .This foal is not born yet but want to get the info out there so a person can get a young foal at a pre born deal $2500 

Dutch Harness Horse/ American Saddlebred bred  2013 foal should make a fancy Sport horse for ride and driving $3000




Nero's Geramiah
75% Friesian Sport Horse

I have two new Haflinger cross aditions due with tri colored Gypsys Vanner cros foals due in 2013

Friesian cross Desert Norman colt
He will look most Friesian

Fox Trotters

Xena and Helena 75% Black filly

Clydesdale mare bred to Gypsy Vanner ,Anisley

brother of Issac 2009
Going to be a big boy 2009

Bred back to my stallion due 09

SOLD Winston Clydesdale/Groovy colt Drum Horse
SOLD 08 Bay colt going to be big Gypsy Vanner/Drum Horse

Mark 37.5% Friesian Sport horse
Mark a Germiah colt and Sunspot his mama

To be able to Raise a good Cross and Sport Horse