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LaDel's Sport Horses

Batmans Joker
Neros Knight Mystic /Nero's Geramiah
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Raising Great Sport Horse Crosses
We love Hair,Style,Beauty,Majestic Movement & Grace with Awesome Disposition !!

Welcome and Enjoy   I Hope you see something you like?
   Our goal is to raise Sport Horses of different crossings. 
       I have a Friesian cross Stud
 ...Nero's  Geramiah...
     75% Friesian/Percheron/Arabian.
 My Mares have wonderful dispositions and Conformation with the Beauty that crosses well with a Friesian Sport Horse to compliment each other.... so that if you love two breeds... You will really love the offspring.... 
  I also have a wonderful Black and White Overo.... Paint stud ...Batmans Joker ...that crosses well with Drafts and other breeds to get some color to your herd with great Disposition.

This is Silhouette my 50% FSHR Celtic daughter
She is bred to Geramiah for a 2009 foal


Nero's Geramiah
75 % Friesian Sport Horse My New Stallion
Nero's Geramiah is the young stallion that I raised up out of Xena a Nero daughter by Dante a beautiful Purebred .Geramiah is a 75% Friesian Sport Horse
Nero's Geramiah
My Pride and Joy
Sport Horses that Ride
Drive, Dressage, Jump
Event ,Trail, w/ BEAUTY 
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To be able to Raise a good Cross and Sport Horse